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President's Message 2016

President's Message 2016

When I became President of the Canadian Volvo Club, one of the first things I implemented was a contribution to the newsletter in the way of a “President’s Message”. While the President is accountable to his/her executive and members while abiding by the by-laws of our constitution, I felt it incumbent that I and future Presidents share a few words in every newsletter, with the hope of connecting to members, stakeholders and anyone else who just might have an interest! This is one of those messages that wrote itself for the simple reason that I have some new and exciting initiatives to share.

If you have become familiar with our website and visit on occasion to check the latest event listings, Family Day information and more, you will appreciate the contribution of our Webmaster Simon Hardy, and the fine job he does at providing a professional-looking site. Simon has been working hard with the help of our Treasurer, Beverly Hughes, to provide an on-line tool that will make it easier to manage your membership renewals and allow new members to join with the simple “click” of a mouse. While not fully implemented at time of writing, we have given ourselves a deadline of our upcoming Family Day in July to provide a “Checkout” option that will allow users to join and renew memberships through credit card options, including PayPal. Our hope is that this will make things much easier for payment without restricting you to hand-written cheques. The time has come for our club to embrace on-line banking moving forward.

The second item I am excited to share with you is what will become our first annual “social event” in September. Attracting members to our annual meeting has always been a challenge and the simple fact remains -- as a not-for- profit corporation, we are legally bound to provide a meeting that allows members to share in decision making, while at the same time, making our executive accountable to the membership. With that in mind, and answering the request from members to have some “other” event

beyond our annual Family Day every year, I introduce what will become our annual meeting/social. On Saturday, September 24 th , we will be conducting our annual meeting at 3 pm at the Blue Moon Inn in Petersburg, followed by a social event of good food, drink and comradery. Our challenge was to find a location that is “central” to southern Ontario, has appropriate space to conduct a meeting, ample parking, has food and beverage on location and has some kind of interest to those looking for an excuse to enjoy a Saturday afternoon drive while enjoying the “Fall” colours. We succeeded on all counts with the exception of our first choice date in October not being available. As a result our second choice is the Sept 24 th date already mentioned, with the hope that next year we can move the date to October. I invite everyone to mark you calendar and join us in what I believe will be a lot of fun! You can visit the Blue Moon site at:

Lastly, our annual Family Day is fast approaching on July 24 th and I invite you all to attend while also giving a shout out for volunteers. We need help the day before, day of and after the event in setting up, managing and returning the grounds to what is the private property of the Hughes’ family. This is also a reminder that teens in high school looking to earn community volunteer credits qualify for this event. I will be personally contacting our sponsors and Volvo Cars of Canada next month in anticipation of our annual event and I look forward to seeing you all in July!

Drive Safe

Tony Giverin

President, Canadian Volvo Club