Membership Chair Search


Update: PENDING - Confirmation coming- Membership Chair filled


We are looking for a volunteer to take over the duties of Membership Chair of the Canadian Volvo Club.

In accordance with our bylaws, the duties are as follows:

The Membership Chair is appointed by the board from within the membership.  The Membership Chair shall be responsible for keeping records of new and renewing memberships, and ensuring that members receive a membership card as a receipt for payment of annual dues, plus appropriate copies of the newsletters.  Money collected will be recorded and deposited in the Corporation’s bank account or forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit.  Each year the Membership Chair will compile a list of current memberships as of the deadline for accepting renewals.

The specific responsibilities include:

Receiving membership application forms and payment (by cheque or through PayPal) and depositing the money into the club’s bank account (with deposit information sent to the Treasurer by email).  Membership information (including name, mailing address, phone and email address) for each member is recorded on a spreadsheet (currently Excel), and a membership number is assigned.  Records are also kept regarding permissions agreed to and privacy requests as indicated on the application form. A membership card indicating each individual’s membership number is completed and mailed out.

For each newsletter, mailing labels are created for the person responsible for sending out newsletters by mail, and an Excel listing is sent to the Webmaster for those receiving their newsletter by email.  If there is a problem with an email address, the Membership Chair will be required to try and contact the individual concerned to sort out the problem.

The Membership Chair is expected to attend all Executive meetings (usually Spring and Fall) and also the Annual General Meeting in order to give a report.  The Membership Chair is expected to supply a current membership list for the annual Family Day in July, and be in attendance at the event to take new memberships.

If you are interested in taking on this important role and are comfortable with email, Excel and online banking, please contact Tony Giverin, President or Don Leonard, Membership Chair