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The Canadian Volvo Club is a non-profit automobile club which encourages enthusiasm for Volvos. The CVC is dedicated to the promotion of safe, fun events and activities for all its members and the Volvo community.
Emails are our main tool for reaching the Canadian Volvo Club community, and it's through emails like this that we share our enthusiasm, tips, and maintenance advice to help you keep your car rolling strong down the highway. Due to time constraints and the fact that the administrators of this site are volunteers,  non-members' requests for information or requests to help sell cars or car parts, look up parts lists, or requests to research old lost cars (lost loves), will be ignored.  We can only help you if you are a member. If you want help,  join the club. If you want help, put your hand up.

Please Note:

Before contacting us, please note that we do not answer technical questions. There are several Volvo forum sites such as,, or even that might be helpful to you.

The Canadian Volvo Club is simply an enthusiast club. We do not give out, or recommend dealerships, repairs or other such matters. We will not respond to any inflammatory, derogatory or negative comments, whether directed to any business, association, club, service, person, or the Canadian Volvo Club.

Think before you send. We are a small volunteer community and requests for "how much is my car worth" or "can you tell your club membership about my fantastic Volvo for sale", really takes up a lot of resources.  If your car is special we probably know about it, and if you we don't maybe you should join us. We would love to see it. Plus, once you join, you have an open forum where you can get that car into the right hands. We neither recommend nor discourage you from using online tools such as (Autotrader), (a free arm of or (Craigslist). There are also commercial players such as who host a classifieds forum.

Vile speech of racism, hatred, or threats of violence will be reported to the police and relevant authorities in your jurisdiction. Your IP address is logged and will be used to identify you. The Canadian Volvo Club privacy policy can be found here.


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