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Volvo Parts

Volvo Parts

The list below is for your convenience and in no way does it indicate affiliation with the CVC (Canadian Swedish Iron Inc) nor does it imply any endorsement of either products or services. If you have any issue with the suppliers below, please make sure that you follow all avenues with the merchant/dealer before you make any claims publicly. The CVC is not responsible for any damage to you, your vehicle, anyone elses person or vehicle from either improper or proper use of products supplied, sold, given away for free or on loan, neither will the CVC be held responsible for any defects of products installed, altered, removed or damaged. You must always ensure that the correct parts or services are applied to your vehicle to maintain proper integrity and safety of your vehicle/vehicles.


APPCO, The Volvo Doctor 905-689-4155
Craving Boost  
 EuroSport Tuning  
FCP Euro
Genuine Classic Parts  
Island Automotion Ltd - speak to Rhys
Scandix (US webstore is closed)  
Swedish Engineering  
Swedish Treasures  
VP Autoparts  

Vintage Import Parts