President's Message 2020 - Summer

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On May 8th I put forward a motion to cancel all remaining CVC events for 2020. It was not an easy decision to make.  The CVC executive voted on the motion and while divided, the majority prevailed. It was after much consultation and exhausting all options that cancelling appeared to be the right thing to do. I can share with you, for example, that dates in October were being looked at for Family Day, and our conversations with SGR Racing regarding Track Day were fluid.

It was the uncertainty that lay ahead in the coming months, the financial risks, and the challenges recognized if indeed these two events were held.  These all influenced the decision making. I take full responsibility in the final decision to cancel, and look very forward to our 40th Family Day celebrations in 2021 and the return of Track Day.

Prior to our decision to cancel, it was business as usual at the CVC and much was accomplished. Your CVC Executive were hard at work with Family Day preparations, location scouting for a future host location, and working with Volvo Car Canada, vendors and sponsors alike. None of this work is for naught. We have simply shelved our decision-making and will pick up next year where we left off.

Our commitment to provide you with informative Volvo sources (CVC Newsletter, Website and Social Media accounts) will continue and I invite you to visit all sources to keep informed of all the latest in news.  At this time the date for our Annual General Meeting is set for October 18th.  Only time will tell if we are able to hold this meeting. An update will be provided in the Fall newsletter and on our website.

I ask that you stay safe, do your best to help us return to a “new normal” and continue to support not-for-profit organizations like ours. 

Without you, nothing is accomplished.

Drive Safe.

Tony Giverin